All kinds of JavaScript XML goodness!

  • prototype.js – the grandaddy of AJAX javascript libraries.
  • RICO – An open source Javascript library for creating rich internet applications. Rico originated as work done in Sabre Airline Solutions and extends on the excellent prototype.js effort from the Ruby on Rails folks.
  • MochiKit – More of an overall utility library, MochiKit has some AJAXish features.
  • qooxdoo – Another Javascript toolkit with some AJAX features.
  • AFLAX – Ajax meets Flash!
  • Cpaint – Presenting application like interfaces with AJAX
  • Complex Data Types with AJAX – sometimes it isn’t as simple as the demos make it look.
  • and … AJAX is the short name for all the technologies that make things like Google Maps so slick, like dragging the map around to find the stuff you’re interested in.