More ways to play Monopoly

Ever wonder about all the extra rules people come up with for Monopoly? For us, it was always the Free Parking Bonus, either a $500 bill from the bank to sit on the center of the board, all the taxes and payments collected to go to the center or both. Whichever way you played it, Free Parking gave a few players a nice boost to cash, introduced an additional element of luck and usually sped up the game.

I just found a number of additional rules that players introduced to the game.

We always played with Immunity as a negotiating tactic but I’ve found players who were amazed I would offer such a thing.

Some of the other suggestions looked amazing though … Traveling Railroads? It makes perfect sense! Combining Railroads with Utilities? Another interesting idea, while getting all four Railroads always makes a nice boost in the early game it starts to pale once hotels start popping up. And both utilities only made a difference very early on.

Playing on a double board? It sounds insane! However, with a number of people wanting to play it would be very fun to have everyone in the same game.

I’m gonna have to try some of these out next time I get a chance to play Monopoly.

from boingboing