A Site Refresh & WordPress!

Another cycle of decay and renewal. My attentions elsewhere, on work and life and such and this site falls into decay.

The limitations of the NucleusCMS also contributed to the lack of enthusiasm for posting. Nucleus is fine software but the featurelist and plugins haven’t kept up with what I want to do with the site, including tagging and greater flexibility with categories.

So I’ve put in a brand new WordPress installation, imported my old posts and started mucking around with it. I chose a very nice yet minimalistic theme by Becca Wei until I can get around to hacking on my own theme. Old comments are in the system but somehow didn’t get attached to the posts, I’ll see if I can’t fix that. Links are broken, another thing to fix (I did that last year too, shame on me).
So lets hope this brings renewal, refreshment and more posts, pictures and better use of this medium we call the intarweb!