Kingdom Hall Build pages

From my server logs I see that quite a few people are still visiting the pages I put up for the Pebble Road Kingdom Hall Build. I guess I need to get around to finishing the other two days of pictures I have. We’re rumored to have the dedication ceremony this month sometime, although we’ve been using it since January. I’ll have even more pictures then!


Opera Browser

I’ve converted to using Opera as my main web browser. I didn’t mean to convert, I was pretty happy with IE except when it crashed. I used Mozilla some and it is getting better but is kind of slow. But I started playing around with Opera and converted (browsers are almost like Religion and Operating Systems, you don’t change, you Convert). Its fast, it works well with nearly every site I visit (and if it doesn’t, I’ve still got Internet Explorer and other browsers installed) and it doesn’t crash very often. When it does crash, it remembers what pages I was looking at and loads them for me. Their latest version includes ‘gesture recognition’, instead of pressing buttons or keys to do things like open new windows or close windows, you hold a mouse button and wave the mouse. It takes a little getting used to, but I think I’m gonna like this gesture thing.

If you’re still using Netscape 4.77 or earlier, you should take a look at installing and using Opera. It is different, and you’ll have to play with the options a bit and give yourself some time to get used to it. But once you do, you’ll feel like you are much better off.

Options I changed (ones I remember at least) – took away the bookmark/mail/ICQ bar on the left hand side and narrowed it to about 800 pixels wide ( I can’t stand browsing full screen at a high resolution, sites are much more readable with narrower text columns even though I have to scroll) – Set it to remember windows I’m using – Set up one of my ICQ numbers so it always logs me into ICQ – Upped some of the cache settings – Set it to use my preferred email program instead of its internal mail program (although its internal program looks halfway decent) – Made sure it defaulted to using Google as a search engine (Opera has a separate search entry form that I can initiate a Google search from) – set up button bars where I wanted them. There are other changes but I think these were the major ones.

I need to learn how to form sentences and get my point across with less parenthesis…