Links Section!

Woohoo! Finally got the links section going again. My previous webhost decided to lose the database containing my last archive and I didn’t have a backup. So now it is working again and I can start restoring all my links. Even better, you can contribute by clicking the ‘suggest new link’ at the bottom of the category page you think your link goes in.

I’m still not exactly happy with the way it looks, I might have to tear in and revise some of it but hey, that can wait, it needs links now.

I originally started this project because I was sick of finding cool stuff on the internet at work and not being able to read further once I got home. Sure, I could email the link, but what good does that do if you don’t get around to it and lose it in your inbox or in the spam. Plus, there are a few hundred sites that ALWAYS come in handy and its a pain when you have a moment of amnesia and can’t remember that certain site that you need to look up. And I can just refer people to my links page when they ask “hey, what are good sites for such and such?” or “how do I do X on the internet?”



Finally saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon last night. Beautiful movie, really amazing. Go see it while it is still in theatres.

One very cool thing is the ‘flying’ scenes, they are almost exactly like my falling / flying dreams, which really tripped me out. Like many people, I had dreams where I’d fall and then wake up before I hit the ground. At some point I overcame that fear and started flying in my falling dreams, hitting the ground and jumping again. But that was only one good part of the movie, the whole thing was just amazing.