some site cleanup

I ganked some CSS from bluerobot to get the interior pages into some kind of consistency. It doesn’t work the same in all browsers but for right now I don’t care, I’m happy it looks like ‘something’. Now I can move on to more important things.


Visual Thinking

XPlane (via the always great dangerousmeta) is a company that specializes in the visual explanation of complex business issues. They combine art, illustration, marketing, information design and other skills into a business that looks very interesting.



EQuill has a great deal of promise, especially if they continue to offer a free service for light use. Imagine if clients, friends and family used it for some of those situations where you just gotta see what they are talking about. A few problems though – even though the barrier to entry is pretty low it is still too high for the general user – they have to know how to install it, they have to understand the concept of markup because it is a bit foreign to the way the computer normally works and they have to master such concepts as right click. What do you think?