Dada Engine

A few years ago I came across the Drunkmenworkhere Weblog Service, which promised: And you don’t even need any imagination to create your Drunk Men Work Here Weblog, because of our Zero-Clickâ„¢ posting technology, which you won’t find anywhere else! Their Zero-Click technology uses the Dada Engine to randomly generate posts combining the names of friends and family you entered with tidbits of web information.

This sort of thing sounded quite amusing to me so I entered a few names of friends and family in, put it to work and promptly forgot about it. But it didn’t forget, over the past few years the Dada Engine dutifully generated plenty of entries. Google and other search engines picked them up and eventually, if you searched for the right combination of my name and other words, you would get hits on those randomly generated entries.

But of course using my real name and the names of family and friends has consequences. Anyone finding those entries could easily get the wrong impression of me, my friends and my family members. And here and there people did find them. So I’ve had the whole Dada Engine thing deactivated and it appears that the only record left is the few pages linked above. I’m sorry if I’ve confused anyone with this, that definately wasn’t my intent.


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  1. Chris,
    I would like to know if I can use a photo that I found on the web that I think belongs to you. Could you please contact me?
    Adele Lynn

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