keel-hq/keel: Kubernetes Operator to automate Helm, DaemonSet, StatefulSet & Deployment updates

Keel – automated Kubernetes deployments for the rest of us
Slack – look for channel #keel
Keel is a tool for automating Kubernetes deployment updates. Keel is stateless, robust and lightweight.

Keel provides several key features:

Kubernetes and Helm providers – Keel has direct integrations with Kubernetes and Helm.

No CLI/API – tired of f***ctl for everything? Keel doesn’t have one. Gets job done through labels, annotations, charts.

Semver policies – specify update policy for each deployment/Helm release individually.

Automatic Google Container Registry configuration – Keel automatically sets up topic and subscriptions for your deployment images by periodically scanning your environment.

Native, DockerHub, Quay and Azure container registry webhooks support – once webhook is received impacted deployments will be identified and updated.

Polling – when webhooks and pubsub aren’t available – Keel can still be useful by checking Docker Registry for new tags (if current tag is semver) or same tag SHA digest change (ie: latest).

Notifications – out of the box Keel has Slack, Hipchat, Mattermost and standard webhook notifications, more info here