daptin/daptin: Daptin – GraphQL/JSON-API Headless CMS

Easily consume the following features on any device

Database backed persistence, 3NF normalized tables
JSON API/GraphQL for CRUD apis
User and group management and access control
Social login with OAuth: tested with google, github, linkedin
Actions for abstracting out business flows
Extensive state tracking APIs
Enable Data Auditing from a single toggle
Synchronous Data Exchange with 3rd party APIs
Multilingual tables support, supports Accept-Language header
Market place API to manage and share schemas
Cloud storage sync like gdrive, dropbox, b2, s3 and more
Asset column to hold file and blob data, backed by storage
Multiple websites under separate sub-domain/sub-paths
Connect with external APIs by using extension points
Data View Streams
Flexible data import (auto create new tables and automated schema generation)