Misc Linkage – a bunch of fun stuff

Heres a big grab bag of interesting stuff that I’ve been collecting.

Windows security is always an issue. 5 years ago Microsoft made lesser priveliged user accounts viable with the release of Windows 2000. Unfortunately most software assumes that the user is running with full control of his machine and makes using a limited privelige account difficult. However, using a lowered set of priveliges prevents many virus, spyware and malware infections and significantly reduces support issues. Nonadmin.editme.com is a site dedicated to utilities and knowledge for making the most troublesome applications work in a limited permisions environment. CPAU is another utility to help in the process.

We’d all like to be able to remember stuff better, whether it is things we need to get done or peoples names. Memory Master appears to be a collection of techniques and exercises on improving your memory. Now if I can only remember to get around to fully reading it.

Computerized calendars are certainly useful and web based ones even more so. Monkey Calendar looks like it is exploring some interesting and useful interface refinements, certainly something to watch.

I’ve come to regret not paying attention in English class, the ability to write clearly and concisely is still very useful in the day and age of text messaging and IM technologies. I found 50 tips which can help you in Writing and already feel like I’ve improved. Of course, there are quite a few that could still help me there.

Google has certainly made the internet better by giving us the ability to find what we want on it. At times though, it is difficult to pick out the exact bit of page we need through all the pages that are out there. The Google Advanced Operators Cheat Sheet gives a quick list of some of the tools that are available to use Google to its full potential.

What do you do when your web site or web server is acting up? DnsStuff.com, Candidinfo’s resouce page and Internet Supervision all help to track issues down.