The Jesus Movement

I just finished watching a show on PBS titled Peter and Paul, the Christian Revolution. Interesting show, the episode I watched covered the time from 36 CE to 70 CE and drew in accounts from the Jewish historian Josephus along with other historians to fill out the biblical accounts.

Of course, the show presented some interesting takes on the Biblical account itself. It highlighted the division in the congregations between the Jewish Christians in Jerusalem and the Gentile Christians. Instead of using the term Christians, it called them Jesus followers and the Jesus movement. The show hinted at a speculative alternative history if such a large division hadn’t existed between the Jewish Christians and the Gentile converts. Another interesting view was the portayal of the events with the Corinthian congregation, their conversion by Paul, their straying from his teachings and adopting the teachings of other ‘missionaries’ and then their return to Paul’s flock. Throughout the show Paul, Peter and James were portrayed as human leaders of the ‘movement’ and personal conflicts were highlighted.

Now they’re playing The Kingdom of David, the Saga of the Israelites so I’m going to wander in to watch…