Bookmarks for July 18th through July 19th

These are my links for July 18th through July 19th:

  • Dice-O-Matic hopper and elevator – GamesByEmail
  • Troops, Trolls and Troublemakers: A Global Inventory of Organized Social Media Manipulation | The Computational Propaganda Project
  • The limitations of deep learning – The limitations of deep learning
    Mon 17 July 2017
    By Francois Chollet
    In Essays.
    This post is adapted from Section 2 of Chapter 9 of my book, Deep Learning with Python (Manning Publications). It is part of a series of two posts on the current limitations of deep learning, and its future.

    This post is targeted at people who already have significant experience with deep learning (e.g. people who have read chapters 1 through 8 of the book). We assume a lot of pre-existing knowledge.

    Deep learning: the geometric view

    The most surprising thing about deep learning is how simple it is. Ten years ago, no one expected that we would achieve such amazing results on machine perception problems by using simple parametric models trained with gradient descent. Now, it turns out that all you need is sufficiently large parametric models trained with gradient descent on sufficiently many examples. As Feynman once said about the universe, "It's not complicated, it's just a lot of it".


Bookmarks for June 23rd

  • SQL Server Cursor Example
  • T-SQL: A Simple Example Using a Cursor – Steve Stedman
  • Calling Bullshit. – The world is awash in bullshit. Politicians are unconstrained by facts. Science is conducted by press release. Higher education rewards bullshit over analytic thought. Startup culture elevates bullshit to high art. Advertisers wink conspiratorially and invite us to join them in seeing through all the bullshit — and take advantage of our lowered guard to bombard us with bullshit of the second order. The majority of administrative activity, whether in private business or the public sphere, seems to be little more than a sophisticated exercise in the combinatorial reassembly of bullshit.

    We're sick of it. It's time to do something, and as educators, one constructive thing we know how to do is to teach people. So, the aim of this course is to help students navigate the bullshit-rich modern environment by identifying bullshit, seeing through it, and combating it with effective analysis and argument.

  • React Express