Batik Font Adventures

I tracked down this nice monospaced typewriter style font called Batik, it is a sort of a rough font that duplicates the effect of a coarse, aging ribbon. Anyway, I needed it to emulate someone else’s artwork for a website I’m working on and I found the font on several of the ‘1001 free fonts’ type of sites.

Problem is, none of the copies of Batik I downloaded worked in Windows XP. Not just my computer, but a couple other computers I tried. Then I checked with the old NT4 server at the office and it worked fine. Digging futher, I found a typography program that complained about the font not having some fields filled in, I filled them in and suddenly I had a font that worked and I could go on with my project. So here is a working copy of Batik(might have to right-click, Save As and name properly).