Charlotte’s Web!

Michelle auditioned for and got the part of Edith Zuckerman in the story Charlotte’s Web. The play is being produced by the Rainbow Company, which is run by the City of Las Vegas and is primarily a student ensemble. After several weeks of rehearsals they went into production on October 4th and of course I was there with the camera. I went again a few days later and also went on photo night, where they pose various scenes after the main performance to allow parents and an archival photographer to take pictures. All the good pictures I took (and some not so good ones) are now online for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to leave comments as you browse through the pictures.

I had to be sneaky about it, they don’t appreciate photos during the performance. Though all the signs say no Flash Photography, apparantly that means no photography at all, even if I do the courtesy of not using the flash. So I was a little sneaky, kept the camera low and still managed to get some decent shots.

Some quick highlights: Wilbur meets Charlotte, Edith gives Wilbur a buttermilk bath, Edith and Homer have a moment, Wilbur and Fern share a special moment, The Goose and Gander have a look at Wilbur, Some Pig, Radiant, Templeton, Wilbur and Charlotte, Templeton, Wilbur and Charlotte again, Fern and Wilbur happy about the medal, Crowd at the fair, The fate Wilbur avoided (a scene that wasn’t in the play but got great laughs on picture night), Templeton scares everyone with the rotten egg, The Goslings (their cuteness is a show highlight), Charlotte tired and waiting to finish pictures, Clumsy Avery and Wilbur meets the farm animals.