I found this nifty little toolbar thing for windows so I’m spamming message boards everywhere with a copy and paste description of it:

Dave’s Toolbar

Its a little toolbar that goes down on your taskbar near your start button (or over by your clock) that lets you search Google just by typing something in.

But thats not enough to be truly useful. It also lets you search a bunch of other sites by adding special characters to the end of your search words or by popping up a big list. And it isn’t just other search engines, you can search sites like eBay from it, you can search Pricewatch, IMDB (movie site) and more. You can enter a word and look it up in a dictionary. You can enter 5+5= and it will return 10. And the calculator isn’t limited to simple math, I entered sin(39)= and recieved a nice long number that looked like the sine of 39.

Better yet, it is free. Not shareware, no spyware, none of those kind of shenanigans. Its even licensed under the GPL so you can change it and give it away yourself.

Best of all (to me anyway) is the fact that it is implemented in HTML / Javascript. I’m pretty impressed (I’ve gotta be, how often do you hear me raving about some program?)

Only drawback (for me, that is) is it insists on using IE instead of my default browser (currently Opera).